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Pain In The Arse....

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Test rode the Icon last week. The bike was awesome except for the seat. Pokes you in the tailbone. Are all the seats the same except for the cover, or do they have different seat pitches?

Took it off-road for a short 100yrds or so through some desert wash. Handled very well, but I didn't know how to turn the ABS off, so stopping was tough.
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My seat isn't the best (Classic) compared with my Pani but it's good for a couple of hours solid riding :)
Icon has the most uncomfortable seat, I've had a gel pad put in mine and what a difference :D
I have the UE,it feels plusher to touch but it's still not that comfortable.
But I don't have a lot of natural padding! :bootyshake:
Cycling shorts help.
I've been using an old FreedomAir seat pad on mine. I have found it does break in over time. It is better now (without pad) than new.

Still, it is not 'good' by any stretch of the imagination.

I've had seats modified by Astech Seats in the past. I am going to do a Ride-in seat mod there in a few weeks.

They also do mail-in service but with a ride-in, you can actually take it for a spin to test it, then they will add/subtract/modify and repeat, until you say it's perfect.

Astech Seats Custom Motorcycle Seats

They cut away oem foam, place a lightweight honeycomb gel pad then cover with a proprietory foam to build the shape/height/slope desired.

The oem shape of the seat is screwy, I think.
From a top-down view, it makes sense...A large rider seat, narrow at the front and wide at back, with plenty of room to move around on it. Then a sufficient space at the rear for a passenger.

But the side view has that stupid demarcation ridge that is too far forward, intruding into the rider's space.

I am going to have this corrected and take full advantage of the space. I will also add a little more vertical height to the seat and a lot more cushy foam.

I'll report back with the final result next month.

$269 dollars for a custom modified seat.

Less than buying one of these...
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Does the seat pan itself have a hump in it?

Does the seat pan itself have a hump in it?


my icon seat does, the base lifts / ramps up to allow the under seat storage area. The foam padding looks to be about 5 inches thick at the front but only about 2 at the back. Where I like to sit is right at the transition and I can feel the ridge, it also tends to push me forward.

Have a look yourself, seat comes off very easily, twist of the key and it's off.
Oops, not sure how my response is in with your quote???
Good, ought to make it easier for a rework. Thanks for the speedy reply. I think I'll pester the Seat Concepts guys for some news....

Yes, the seat pan is shaped but the sharp demarcation on the top is in the foam not from the pan.
Oh, so maybe it does?

I'm pretty sure there isn't as much as 5 inches, when I took mine to be lowered they told me there wasn't a lot of foam to remove o_O
My seat on the Icon was very hard at first but after a few hundred miles it does seem to have broken in quite a bit. Rode on and off for about three hours yesterday and didn't notice the seat which is a good sign for me. If it does get too much I have a few fairly local eel known seat people that I can look at.
I want mine raised (so adding foam will NOT be a problem-they will make a new cover, if needed) with an enlarged scooped rider section and a reduced but slightly higher (than rider) pillion section.

here's a rough sketch...

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Dang, it's easy to see that ridge line, no wonder folks are complaining!

What I would like is a raised lip to act as resistance when accelerating , I may have to look at the Full Throttle racing seat eventually as a possible replacement, but only if it also comes with a red panel or plain black.
That ridge line you see in the seat isn't plastic or anything. It must just be the shape of the seat foam. I was curious too but now that I have the bike in my possession, I feel like mostly what needs to happen to the Icon seat is to fill the dip up front with some sort of impact absorbing foam.
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So my uncle was dropping his MS off for service today and spotted this in the parking lot. That is held in place with Duct Tape! Why spend all that money on seat mods? You could just do this!
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For the same reason you get a nose job. Some of us value superficial attractiveness :)
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