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Pain In The Arse....

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Test rode the Icon last week. The bike was awesome except for the seat. Pokes you in the tailbone. Are all the seats the same except for the cover, or do they have different seat pitches?

Took it off-road for a short 100yrds or so through some desert wash. Handled very well, but I didn't know how to turn the ABS off, so stopping was tough.
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I just made this one.....

Filled in the dish, lowered the rider pocket a little bit and then added a bitching seat cover!!

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That Looks about right, Bundy. Can you work your magic on my soon-to-arrive Classic and save the cover? I would like to raise the rider position an inch, if possible. Thanks in advance!

These will be a completely new molded foam, in a kit form with a new seat cover.
The old seat cover will not fit the new wider taller seat foam.
haven't decided on the final seat cover design yet. This one is a take on some seats we built for some of the Ducati GT`s and is a take on a 70`s ere Lamborgini seat ! :)

OH yes, Brown will be in the mix for sure.
Our seat kits start at $159.99. The design above probably $189.99 . If we go with the quilted top panels, it probably will be close to that, maybe a we bit more.
Allot of labor in those.
I will get the pricing squared away as we get closer to production.
Lets here some ideas on seat cover designs!!

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