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Pain In The Arse....

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Test rode the Icon last week. The bike was awesome except for the seat. Pokes you in the tailbone. Are all the seats the same except for the cover, or do they have different seat pitches?

Took it off-road for a short 100yrds or so through some desert wash. Handled very well, but I didn't know how to turn the ABS off, so stopping was tough.
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OH yes, Brown will be in the mix for sure.
Our seat kits start at $159.99. The design above probably $189.99 . If we go with the quilted top panels, it probably will be close to that, maybe a we bit more.
Allot of labor in those.
I will get the pricing squared away as we get closer to production.
Lets here some ideas on seat cover designs!!

So, any news on the Seat Concepts seat? I'm seriously THIS close (imagine fingers really close together LOL) to purchasing the Ducati Comfort seat because, holy crap, the Icon seat IS THAT BAD. I'd much rather go the SC route if only to save a couple (hundred) bucks, but seriously something's gotta give here before my butt does! :(

You guys almost ready for production?
Last week I bought two one foot square by half inch thick pieces of high-density closed cell foam from Sargent's Seats in Jacksonville, FL for ten dollars each. I used a staple puller to remove the front half of the staples and exposed the rider's section of the seat . I cut the new foam to fill the dip in that area, raising the position about an inch. The original seat cover had enough extra material to be pulled back in place.

The looks are a little lumpy and certainly not completely professional, but, oh, what an improvement! I was able to ride most of the next day in relative comfort, where before it would have been two hours at most and then off.

The added height makes for a less cramped position and the ability to slide back to mid-seat is a nice addition as well.

On Wednesday I took the bike to Mellilimoto in Gainesville for service and showed Seb what I had done. He noticed the box in the bottom of the seat pan for the tool kit and said it would be easy to cut that section out and rivet in a piece of stainless over the cut-out, eliminating the horrible ridge we all hate. I plan on doing that this week.

Once complete, I'll take the thing back to Sargent's and have them replace all the foam to the new shape, saving the original cover and hopefully solving the problem. This should cost less than two hundred dollars.

Pray for me...
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Way to go Cliff. I've ridden mostly dual-sport bikes in recent years, all with sucky seats. In my experience, the 3M spray adhesive from Walmart is just the ticket for gluing the layers of foam together, and a small palm or belt sander with coarse paper is excellent for shaping it just right. If you don't mind a bit more piddling I bet you can keep your money in your pocket. If you decide to take the seat completely apart--can we have pictures of the pan, please??! Thanks.

Sure, Sarah...

As an aside, I just took my seat to Sargent's so they could see if my plans are possible (they are). After I make the mods to the pan, they will remove the original foam, fill in the cut-out I created, reattach the foam and add new material raising the top to become even back to front. NO MORE HUMP!

They have in-house an Icon they just started R&D on today. They should have a new pan and a few seat options ready soon. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Thanks for all the prayers,
Omg if Sargent starts making a seat for the Scrambler, I'd be in hog heaven. Both times I've had a Sargent seat for my bikes, my butt LOVED them so I don't see why this one would be much different. :D Did they say if they were going to start doing a production run for Scrambler seats?
Omg if Sargent starts making a seat for the Scrambler, I'd be in hog heaven. Both times I've had a Sargent seat for my bikes, my butt LOVED them so I don't see why this one would be much different. :D Did they say if they were going to start doing a production run for Scrambler seats?
I got an email from Seat Concepts today saying the Scrambler seat should be available by the end of the week. That's good news for me and my butt......
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I got an email from Seat Concepts today saying the Scrambler seat should be available by the end of the week. That's good news for me and my butt......
*does the Dance Of Joy!!!*
Earlier we'd heard Sargent had no plans for a seat, glad they've changed their tune. Looking forward to seeing what Seat Concepts has, too.


I still hope to see pictures of the seat pan, I'm wondering about that hump. If you cut it out, will you still have a place for the toolkit?

No, Sarah. Cutting out the recess in the bottom of the pan where the tool kit was held in place with a rubber cord eliminates the place where the tool kit was held. There is still a small box under the seat to store the kit, so no real loss.



Sargent's started R&D yesterday with an Icon on hand and should have production ready within a month or so. There will be a new pan and a couple of seat options available.

I've used their seats before and can vouch for the quality and comfort of their products.

With this in mind, I've decided to wait and not cut my pan after all. For roughly $100 more ($300), I can have the real deal.

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OK, I see what you're saying, thank you Cliff. I've had good luck with Sargent in the past, bet they'll sell a boat load. Good to know your modded seat will provide some relief while you wait.

Thanks, Sarah.

Too bad for me, I have a true "Princess and The Pea" rear end and won't be completely happy until everything is just right.

Meanwhile, I'm really enjoying everything else about the ride and promise to stop being such a little bitch.


I've had nothing but good experiences with Sargent seats but lol I may not want to wait that long. :p

Aside from that one picture this forum's resident SC guy posted, do we know what the Scrambler seat will look like? I'm hoping for more of a FT-type look personally but wouldn't mind something akin to the Ducati Comfort seat either.
Just spoke with Chris at Sargent's again to make sure I was giving correct info.

Development and production will actually take around four months. Could be more or less, according to him. He's not sure what the end results will be quite yet, but said they will do their best to smooth things out and advised me to sign up on their innertube page for updates and discounts. Evidently there is, or will be, a Scrambler link.

The race is on. Looks like Seat Concepts in the lead!

Any bets being taken?
This is my first post in the seat controversy. I've got about 1400 miles on my Icon now, and am very familiar with the shortcomings of the seat. Fortunately, the vast majority of my riding is 10 to 20 miles at a time. On the occasion that I've stretched that out, however, I've been good for just about an hour before the seat is intolerable.

Got a call on Saturday from a friend organizing a Sunday ride. He and his son have Gold Wings, I'm on the Icon, and another friend is on an Aprilia. This Sunday ride was going to be LONG, he was planning on about 300 miles from the DC area out to West Virginia and back, in a big loop. I knew I would never survive. So I went out to his house to work out a quick solution, and the attached picture illustrates what we did.

It's a stupid looking solution, but it was quick and successful. We pulled a Mad Dog seat pad off of one of his dirt bikes and buckled it over the Icon seat, and then zip tied a beaded seat cushion on top of it. You know, one of those wooden beaded things like in taxi. I rode on the combo all day Sunday and it was MUCH better than the stock seat. I lasted 4 hours in reasonable comfort before having to take a good long break.

I think the reason it helped so much is because the extra width spread the contact points over a much larger area, and when I moved around a bit and beads changed contact points.

I took it all off after the ride, but now I have a better feel (so to speak) for what the solution needs to do.

Our ride turned out to be a touch over 200 miles. The Aprilia and I topped off our tanks a few times during the ride and the Gold Wings just kept on going. And we had a real blast crossing the mountains!

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