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Parked in Garage for 2 months

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hi guys

I really love my classic but I love more my health... I have a problem in my back which means no mountain bike and no motorcycle for 2 months.

I would like to know what should I do to avoid any problem in my bike having it two months just doing nothing

my first bike (novice) so should I least power the engine on every 2 weeks or something like that?

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Two more things for medium to long term storage.

Pump the tyres up hard. Like very hard. 40psi plus. if you leave the bike sitting on the tyres you can potentially flat spot the tyres. If you have the ability to use stands to have the tyres off the ground that is better. Remember to check the pressures from time to time to make sure the tyres are not deflating a little.

Operate the clutch lever regularly to stop the plates sticking. Some people recomend leaving the bike with the clutch lever cable tied in the half pulled postion. I have never tried that.

When you are starting the bike if you do don't just start it and let it run for 30 seconds then stop. Let the bike run at least 5 minutes to make sure it is right up to operating temp. When it is up to temp give it some revs (and operate the clutch). If you just start and stop the bike you will cause condensation on the engine and exhaust but will not create enough heat for it to evaporate after you turn the bike engine off.
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I doubt you will be able to change gears unless the engine is running. Simply squeezing and releasing the clutch lever a couple of times will break the clutch plates free and allow some oil to get between them. If the engine is running then yes sit on the bike and change through a couple of gears to makes sure everything is operating okay.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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