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"Behind every great man is an even greater woman." is an idiom that has existed since the 1940's. It rings as true in 2015 as it did in the 40's. This time it is in relation to the new Paul Smart Scrambler livery that just popped up on BikeExif.

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You might be wondering what the hell I am talking about, well let me fill you in. Paul Smart is a British racer that took Ducati to the podium in the early 1970's and his silver and seafoam green race livery adorned the SportClassic back in 2006. It was a classy son-of-a-bitch.

Ducati killed the SportClassic in 2010. Fortunately, Ducati Thailand felt the loss and decided to do something about it. They reached out to Paul to take their latest classic bike and add his livery touches to it. Urged on by his wife, Maggie. Paul set to work transforming the Scrambler into something that could stylishly carry the Paul Smart placard.

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This is no modification of hard parts, but instead simply an aesthetic update of the Scrambler. The frame and swingarm was painted that delightfully minty seafoam green and the tins found themselves draped in silver paint. The removable tank panels now carry the logo from the early 70's Ducati race bikes. Along with the paint and side covers, there is a bronze stripe that harkens from the fuel gauge view stripe present on the race bike.

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The forks are anodized in a racy gold color, which mimics performance shocks, and the straddle an aluminum spray deflector.

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The pièce de résistance is the rear cowling. This piece was modeled by the folks in Thailand in clay. From there, the mold went into the 3D printer for scanning. The resulting part is really a stunning cowl that perfectly compliments the alcantara seat and features a number plate adorned with Paul's race number.

Sitting just below that is a snappy body cover that look pretty damned good if you ask me.

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Want one? Me too. But we are both out of luck because all 24 examples are sold out.

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