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View attachment 2270 Said good bye to my Hyper 1100 evo sp today it had full race system,all the carbon bits and every other extra. What's my thoughts on the classic mmmmmm absolute riot been grinning all day this is what riding a bike is all about. The scrambler is so easy to ride about town and when you get it on the twisty bits it's even better. Am I going to miss the Hyper don't think so.
I too went 2012 Hyper 1100 evo sp to a Scrambler (Harley Dyna in between) . To me the evo sp is easily top 10 best looking road bike of all time.

My Scrambler is what I wanted the Hyper to be. The Hyper felt super awkward after riding my 450 GasGas dual sport. The Scrambler has dirt bike ergos, the Hyper did not IMO. Also, I had a hard time relaxing on it sometimes...I could not ride it lazy. I miss being able to easily powerwheelie , but my wheelie skills suck.

I'd like my FTPro to be better in the suspension dept & a little more raw like my 1100 evo sp & 2000 996 were, but it checks very many boxes in what I want in a bike now, including very forgiving throttle (unlike my Hyper or the Icon demo I rode) , good in gravel, takes me back to when I was a kid (looks like my first bike Suz TM75) , reliable, sounds good, easy ownership, fun, versatile, fast & a good country road bike.

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