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Plastics & engine - white film

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I've had an issue with the plastics, engine cases and swing arm having a whitish film that dries on the surface after washing. I think it started after using Autoglym Bike cleaner but not 100% certain.

Repeated washes with S-Doc100 have not solved it. I can get rid of it temporarily with Silicon spray but it always comes back.

I don't think it's the S-Doc100 as I use this on my two other bikes without an issue.

Any tips?

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I made the mistake of using Muc-off on the black plastic around the head of the tank and allowed it to dry before washing off - it then left a permanent white mark! Not sure you'll be able to remove it permanently but I've found the only thing that covers it (temporarily) is to wipe over it with ACF-50. I tend to wipe over most of the black surfaces anyway as it covers any similar marks, if you can stand a bit of an oily residue. I put a little on a rag so I'm not plastering it all over and it's fine.
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