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Plate relocated.. Now issues

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Hello All,

I recently bought an NRG fender eliminator kit and plate relocate kit. So now my license plate is tucked up underneath the tail, fitting somewhat flush against the bike.

The kits fitment was mediocre at best, but I love the looks of it. The LED blinkers are super bright and I love the plate location. My issue is that I seem to be randomly rubbing the plate. I don't know how, but it seems to be happening. My plate is showing signs of rub, and last night I even bent the top part of the bracket that holds the LED plate light.

Am I the only one having this issue? Im a little frustrated at this point because Im out of options as to where the plate can go since I have deleted the fender. Any suggestions or tips?

I hope Im not alone on this issue.

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I'm not surprised. I had a look on the NRG website. What a stupid place to put it!
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It kind of surprises me that the suspension goes down that far. A side view is like a solid 5" from the plate. Without the plate the rear tire must be INSANELY close to the factory plastic when compressed
crap...I was going to put it there on mine. Now for more options....
I've got the kit and had the exact same issue. I just put on the Nitron rear shock and haven't noticed rubbing yet, but in the few hundred miles I put on with the stock suspension I had numerous rubs against the plate. The LED bracket is now bent up pretty bad.

All things considered, I think the kit looks awesome but the fit and finish is laughable. Just doesn't seem to be very thought out for the price. One of my buddies said that he can't see my indicator lights during the day while riding, but at night they seem to be fine.

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I dont have any complaints with the led brightness, but the lack of clearance on the plate is a joke. For the full kit its $179.99, Ill be calling on Monday and seeing what they have to say. Its pretty clear it was an quick idea with no real testing done. Im not about to spend $700+ for a new shock just so the plate doesnt rub. Definitely let down to say the least, makes me think twice about ordering their front blinkers or their exhaust.

If my phone call doesnt go well, Ill be just sell it, take a loss and move onto competition werkes. Their fender eliminator and exhaust should be out next week
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Just got off the phone with Shift-Tech, they carry NRGs products. The guy was insanely awesome, who calls someone back on a sunday?! Hats off to him for being available round the clock. He said that his daughter has it on her scrambler, and hasnt had any issues, but she only weighs 110 lbs and never rides aggressively.

He did say that one other person called and reported the same issue with the plate rubbing. He said that NRG claims to have fully compressed the suspension and had no issues with rubbing. Im assuming its bad quality of manufacturing, hence the bad fitment. The rubber strip and missing paint and now broken led plate light doesnt lie.

Ill report back with the outcomes of tomorrows phone call.
Great, Looking forward to finding out what they say on this.

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Sorry for the delayed response time. I spoke with NRC and they were super easy to deal with. Im only one of a few who have called, but they are going thru the prototyping again and are going to re release something next week. They said they can either resend me something to hold me over, or check back next week and they will send me the new product for free.

My overall experience has been good. Interested to see what they come up with to fix it. I love having the plate mounted up and under the bike, so Id like to keep it there. Im debating about buying their snap on fork mounted blinkers now.
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