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Ponderosa this morning

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Called in the ponderosa this morning hoping to see other Scrambler riders,none there today .Had a great ride out towards Betsy and then over the mountains .
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Well I hoping to test the Maxton suspension Tuesday after fitting so should be at Ponderosa abt 11.30
I think I met you few weeks ago?
If anyone going tomorrow I'm hoping to get out! First time in weeks!! :confused:
Gill we missed you today! Sorry I got lots of things to sort , relatives coming to stay later this week and engineer coming to see Michael's bike tomorrow.
Have a good ride
Very nice Graham, I could live with one of those in my garage
Grrr I want to join you all but sorting Multistroodles ready for Italy on Friday.
Have a goo meet see you all when I get back
1 - 5 of 89 Posts
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