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Ponderosa this morning

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Called in the ponderosa this morning hoping to see other Scrambler riders,none there today .Had a great ride out towards Betsy and then over the mountains .
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If anyone going tomorrow I'm hoping to get out! First time in weeks!! :confused:
Ok I'll be Billy (Gilly) no mates then! Hope to catch up with you all later :icon_thumright:

PS can't do next week family visiting lol
ps, I may go on my new bike, o_O
BMW XR1000
Honda Grom
or the one you took to Llangollen Bike Fest
A twin! Great clue - off to think of some twins. Back soon
It's RED :D you can only buy them in RED, :rolleyes:
Ducati but not a Scrambler!!
It's that poor neglected Scrambler I feel sorry for. I can take it in Graham and give it the attention it deserves.
Me too poor lil thing. It can come and keep mine company :)
I'd have a go on it except it's about 6 inches too high for me ...
I saw that one in Woods and liked it, but way too high for me :rolleyes:
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Great to see you Steve, sorry to miss you Graham and Carol! I'm assuming it was you caught up with me on way home - it was good to see the back of the bike - they don't look too small (except when disappearing into the distance :D ). Did you stop for another cuppa at Ellesmere? I'm going to give mine another wash - it looked dirtier than yours ;)

PS It's raining again and my washing got dry! Good timing :)
Yes it was me at Ellesmere was going home the long way again! This bike never wants to go the short route. Good dry roads and not too much traffic. Apologies for filling your mirrors.
LOL it is good to see what a Scrambler looks like on the road! Just need to see a red one now!
Yes, I'll be there, :) Do you still want to look at that Jofama rear bag set up I have Gill ?
Yes please Graham :)
Good to see you Graham and love your new bike :) just need to grow another 6 inches .... ;)
I almost went to Raven yesterday! But got bogged down in other stuff :rolleyes:. Will let you know if I can make Pondy on Wed :) wet and windy forecast for next week :confused:
Sorry couldn't make this week, had lots of farm and family matters to attend to and am down south at the mo! Hope to catch up soon :icon_thumbright:
Is that near Cerrigydrudion? Like it round there, it's a good ride :)
We'll have to make a list of good places to meet!
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