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Possible Sale of red icon and accessories

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Unfortunately it's looking like I'm going to have to part with my pride and joy after a year of ownership! Loved every second but house improvements are a higher priority!

Bit of advice needed....the bike is loaded with accessories so was just wondering is it better to sell the bike as standard or list it with all the accessories?

They are:
> Termi race pipe
> Mugello Leather Seat
> Mugello Side Panels
> Mugello headlight guard
> NRC underseat headlight

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If you don't mind shipping in Canada , I would buy your seat and pannels. Thanks :)

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Hi Ian, pity you are having to sell having spent so much time, effort and money. However To answer your question, in my experience to maximise the £££s you would be better to put the bike back to standard and sell the bits on their own.

If selling the seat and side panels, I would be interested in these and I'm in the UK.

As Tom said - sell them seporately.

1. People prefer to buy original bikes - they feel that if owners have done some changes - then maybe the bike is bodged with or perhaps had a hard life.

2. You will get no more for the bike with Accessories over original - or may be a few pounds

3. Selling the accessories seperately - you should get 50% of what you paid for them back - through the forum or ebay.

The only hassle you will have is you will need to remove the exhaust and get the dealer to re upmap it to the original. - That will cost you - but probably much less than the £400 you will get selling the exhaust.

That's my 2c
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Thanks guys much appreciated! I'll keep you all posted with regards to the accessories

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please advertise the panels and seat - Ill give you a very good price and collect!
Agree with Simon, revert the bike to standard you will just end up losing loads on the accessories.

I had lots of stuff on my Moto Guzzi I part exed for the Scrambler, I took all of it off and it didn't affect the price. You can get more money selling it on eBay!
Kindly put me down for the termi race exhaust currently in the market for one.
hi, I,m not yet a member. Don't have a scrambler yet. In Essex. I can go over 5000 and in uk [email protected]
hi, I,m not yet a member. Don't have a scrambler yet. In Essex. I can go over 5000 and in uk [email protected]

My scrambler is now up for sale, the link is on this forum, can't tag it from my iPhone.


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Good luck with sale
Thanks Desmo, reluctant sale I must say! Probably the wrong time of year to be doing it but worth a go!

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How much do you want?
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