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Hold on, Tony-

They look nice, but $250 for a cover?

I dropped my Classic off at Sargents Monday for a few weeks of R&D. They've ready had the other three models in for development and have come up with two complete seats, pans included. One will be a "two-up" version with sculpted seating, while the other is a "café" style similar to Corbin's.

I'm having them shape a flat "bench" surface for my bike more in keeping with a true enduro, allowing the ability to slide around on the seat, more in keeping with dirt riding. I already modified my stock pan by cutting out the tool kit recess, filling the void with an inch and a half of foam and riveting a thin piece of aluminum to the bottom of the pan. They are shaping additional foam on top of the existing seat to make a level surface, front to rear, without changing the overall profile of the outer shape. This will raise the riding position a little more than a inch, which will be nice and should hopefully eliminate the hated OEM ridge.

I supplied a piece of black leather for the cover (thirty dollars from Tandy). Looking at a two week turn-around and another $150 for Sargent's foam shaping and stitch labor.

In the mean while, they are developing their own "bench" option, including pan. Production in roughly three months for all three versions. Pricing TBD.

I'd wait for them...

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1 - 3 of 76 Posts
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