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Practical Benefit of Termignoni Slip on?

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Greetings, as I am killing time waiting for "the call" confirming my wayward Icon has arrived, I thought I'd inquire about the pros and cons of the Termignoni Slip on exhaust. By way of background, I am completely new to all of this and in fact, just completed the motorcycle safety course and received my license a month ago. So my motorcycle knowledge base is quite small at the moment. Also, I'm nearly 60 years old, I live in the flatlands of Florida, and my use of the Scrambler will primarily be backroad weekend jaunts, in addition to my short daily commute up and down A1A on the beachside. With that said, if we set aside the issue of price, what exactly am I gaining (or losing) should I elect to purchase this piece. Thanks in advance for your comments.
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Probably not a lot, I've got one and love it but practical benefits............I'll give it a go,

1/ it sounds great
2/ the original was uncomfortably hot on my heel, termi is further away and no heat
3/ this is subjective, I think the engine is smoother and pulls a little better at low revs
4/ it's lighter (not enough to matter)

All in all not a compelling review I know but that said, if I had my time again I'd buy it in a heart beat.

I am very happy with it

and it really sounds great.....
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All the above but it also looks so much nicer.
The down side for you will be theres a plate riveted to it Says basically illegal in USA and Canada and you will be shot and jailed if you put one on your bike. Something like that. But its also illegal over on the british roads and not for road use, just pavements then.
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