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Hi there,

I did some "edits" to my classic and pretty much none of them went smooth. There were always a "drama". Some bolts were stuck, some nuts put not right (like slightly inclined) etc... Every time I spent several hours to remake new threads, buying new screws (thing that I highly suggest because the original one looks like made from chocolate) etc...
Last thing I broke yesterday was the headlight fairing ... I mounted my new turn signals and when everything was perfect™ I said: "Lemme tight them a bit more" and so I instantly broke the aluminum thing!!!! I had to reposition them in a "weird" position. Seems not that bad but that bothers me so much!!!!!!!! (Anyone know where I can buy a new one???)

Anyways, here some pics.

- How I got the baby

- How is now:


- FT handlebars
- Grips
- Bar end mirrors
- New turn signals (Damn!!!!)
- Removed ugly canister
- Cut the original license plate holder


Remove all plastics everywhere

- Bonus pic

1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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