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Q&A with Holographic Hammer

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So we have all seen this amazing build that came out of the shop just outside Paris, right?!

If not, get out from under your rock and check it out here: Ducati X Holographic Hammer X Hero Co. - Project Hero 01 Ducati Scrambler Forum

Now that we have that out of the way, I reached out to them and asked if we could do a quick Q&A session. I figured that I had some questions about the build process, and you all probably did as well, so I am going to open the questions up to you all as well. (That way you aren't just reading what I wanted to ask these guys)

Post your questions in this thread so that I can get them answered for you. They are out at the Wheels and Waves Facebook show this weekend, so I hope to get these questions together while they are super busy and then we can do the thing next week.

Post away ladies and gents!
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I want to know where I can get those wheels and if there is any modifications needed to bolt them up to my Scrambler?
I was curious if I could get Seat.
No? No one has any questions for these guys?
A bunch from me:

- did they do anything to the engine?
- what rear shock is that?
- will they sell some of the custom parts like the seat?
- can they do a breakdown of what parts were used?
- how does it ride now on bigger tires and more sports bike suspension?
- are they making more of these, or other custom ones?
Did they dyno the bike before and after? If so, what sort of power did it make to the tire?
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Q, what make were the front forks, ?
Q, looks like they used the original rear shock, did they ?
Q, The rear wheel looks a larger diameter, and did they change the rear sprocket ?
Q, when can I try it out ;)
I'm also keen to see what engine mods and power output !
I got a some:
1) Will you the sell the subframe kit? (including seat, subframe, lighting, and other bits to help relocate parts)
2) What is trail/rake of the front end?
3) What is length of the forks?
4) What is width of forks' triple tree?
5) Are wheels/tires stock size? If not, what size are they now?
6) Are you able to post large jpeg images (1200px by 1200px or larger) so I can download for up close analysis?
7) Did you change footrests' location further rearward?
8) Best of all, how does it feel?
Are they going to be producing that seat? ...if not, they really should consider it.
Are they going to be producing that seat? ...if not, they really should consider it.
The got the seat hoop from Cognito. I don't know if they will be selling many of the parts, but if they do, I think they would do very well.

Here are the Q&A session answers.
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1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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