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Just been out for an hour or so, just to the blow the cobwebs off, and I came across a new R1 (or should I say a new model R1 caught me up on the Woodhead pass). Nice looking bike with a good turn of speed when he overtook me.

Anyway I eventually caught him up because of the traffic and he turned to go towards Holmfirth at the Flouch, which is where I was heading.

Now for those that don't know this road it starts off with quite a long straight but then has some great twisty bits. So at first he took off at a rate of knots and I wasn't gonna catch him doing warp speed, but when he got to the twisty bits I was all over his "ass" and he couldn't shake me off no matter what he tried. It was quite comical really.

Anyway after about three corners I eventually overtook him and he eventually backed off as he couldn't seem to throw the R1 around the corners like I could with the Classic :D

It really felt good showing up the power ranger (and don't forget I'm one too when I'm out on the Panigale) but don't try and do this at home kids, cos it's not big and it's not clever ;)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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