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I have a 19 and called RapidBike this morning. Apparently the tail light wiring changed from 18 to 19 and that is the issue. I was told that the wiring could be modified to work on either the Ducati or the RapidBike but if the RapidBike wiring were changed it would void the warranty. I was also told that if there was an issue they would not help since the system isn’t designed for anything past 18. I will be looking at the wiring difference between the years and have requested a copy of the instructions. I can follow-up her with the findings if you would like.

Edit: if you have experience with installing a rapid bike on a 2020-2022 desert sled i could use some help.

So I am a bit of a newbie...but I purchased a rapidbike for my 22 DS and when I got it in the mail the box says it is only for years 15-18. So I called RapidBike and the lady there was so rude to me I couldn't believe it...she snapped at me "What bike?" "What year?" I said 22 desert sled. She replied "I will NOT offer you any support for this, contact whoever you bought it from, we don't make a Rapidbike for your motorcycle, sorry" and click. Lmao OK then.

So now I am trying to figure out if the Rapid Bike I have will work. The authorized dealer I bought it from knew exactly what he was selling me, and I advised them of my Bikes year. I recall them saying that there have been no changes in the Bike so the year doesn't matter. Idk.

Does anyone have any advice here? Big thanks.

Also, I purchased a zard zuma slip on exhaust and a MWR air filter.
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