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Rattle somewhere around the headstock

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Hi has anyone noticed a rattling noise coming from somewhere near the ignition? At first I thought the key ring but I have taken everything off it and still the noise - worse at high revs.
Any thoughts or replies very welcome thanks
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Yes I have had the very same Rattle, (I think)
I took the tank off awhile ago, The plastic trim on the front of the tank , right hand side seems to have lost the location grommet at the bottom, allowing it to flop about on the tank causing the rattle, ( I had some wiring grommets and fitted one of those)

It was difficult to locate being on the right, needing my right hand for the throttle and it only rattling at a certain RPM,
Check it out ,it might be just what you're looking for :rolleyes:

ps Welcome to the forum,
There was a wee rattle from mine like keys jingling.
Turned out to be the handlebar crossbar had been tightened wrongly, the pinch bolt where the Xbar is located needs tightened first then the other one. If done the other way round then the bar doesn't get nipped.
Many thanks for your responses. Due first service in a week so I will have them look at both suggestions and post back. Cheers
On further investigation it is the cross strut on the bars not pinched up properly. Many thanks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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