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Rear Brake Caliper Upgrade

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If anyone is looking for a way to upgrade the rear caliper on their Scrambler I have a solution for you. My buddy and I are building a Hypermotard based project bike and we are using a Scrambler swingarm. The Hyper uses a 2 piston rear caliper rather than the Scrambler's 1 piston. We have made a caliper bracket that allows the Hyper caliper to be mounted on the Scrambler swingarm. Anyway we made a few extra and figured we would see if anyone is interested. See attached pictures.

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If anyone is interested send me a message. Pricing and finishes are open for discussion, not looking to make a fortune.
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Yes, please use the photos.

$125 for uncoated bracket + shipping
Received the bracket today, very quality piece thank you guys. I need to order a caliper then I’ll mount it up and post some more pics here.

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what kind of brake rotors are you running?
Just the factory hypermotard rotor
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what kind of brake rotors are you running?
Galfer rotors. I still have not installed the bracket I purchased from CNreeve, been moving around from project to project.
I'm interested. What other parts must be replaced for this to work?
So far, only the clapper and bracket have been mentioned.
Does this work with the original rotor or does this necessitate a larger diameter rotor?
Part number for the caliper? and part numbers for any other parts needed?
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