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Recommended improvements

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Hi everyone,
It's been nearly a year and almost 6000 miles since I took possession of my Classic.
I have some recommendations if anyone is struggling as these modifications have made my bike much better to control and enjoy.
Maxton suspension upgrades front and rear
I think the discussions about stock suspension can be seen numerous times elsewhere on this forum, the original may suit a small number of people but I think anyone over 90kg fully kitted out will struggle to keep both tyres on the road when the surface becomes challenging. A jarring shocking experience in my opinion. An upgrade front and /or rear from any of the 10 or so providers mentioned on this forum will probably be money well spent for most.
Front and rear measured, set up to suit individual rider and fitted to bike by factory about £950
Boosterplug install
This has made such a difference to the snatchy throttle and the bike pulls better from lower revs. You still cannot easily cruise around at low revs in high gear around urban stop /start low speed environments but the bike will now pull no problems from about 3000rpm rather than 4000rpm as it was prior to the install.
DIY installation , cost £150
Gel pad insert for the seat
Unpick the staples from the front half, peel back and fit your own gel pad , I had a spare one lying around from a previous project but they might cost about £20, shape the foam with a carving knife and fit the pad in use a staple gun to refit the cover
These 3 mods in my opinion make the bike what I wanted it to be and to do. I think all bikes will need some modification to suit the individual and the scrambler is no exception.
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I am over 90 kg, I find the suspension more than adequate, an upgrade is a very expensive thing and in my opinion not a must. The same goes for the booster plug, I have no issues with the throttle And think there are perhaps many more that feel the same.
At the end of the day this forum is only a small slice of the total scrambler base.
I think there are certainly a few owners with the booster plug but manymore without it who are the same opinion as me.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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