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18 days ago my brother was t-boned
@ 37th & 11th in Greeley CO
he's survived th experience w/ an
incredibley difficult road ahead 2
recovery .. we'll b th fumer-rod brothers
& he'll hav a lot more hardware then I've ever hoped 2 ever hav
why do i write this .. I'm a ryd'er or motorcycle operator. I've not rid’en in 2 years & 8 months since my beloved 2003 Harley-Davidson FXDXT of 127751 miles was sabotaged by an insane neighbor. :/
I cannot do anything normal so th resurrection of that exquisite machine has procrastinated 4 sum time now as i want 2 record on my GoPro's everything & eventually upload it on my utube channel as content sumone might find not a waste of their time. Offering genuine constant encouragement 2words assistance on a daily basis my brother also co worker avid ryd'er has been a big supporter of mine 2 c my machine back 2 operational condition. He was t-boned th next day i purchased this 2017 Ducati café that had been traded in for an H-D. In my past I've been a machinist putting several parts I've made in orbit still 2-this-day above th earth. i like precision & precise machinery. i purchased this 17 without even a test ryd because what i understand th product 2 b.
Discovered it had never been serviced in it's original 2745 miles. Inspected & serviced by 5 master technician's (arrogantly self-included)
this excellent example has NOT disappointed
everyone is like But Philip u R H-D
actually I'm really in2 really XL-ent precision machinery
I've a 101 miles/day commute
this machine is awesome
anyone writing th scrabbler isn't a hiway machine probably doesn't ryd theirs on th hiway. it my honour 2 post these words in this forum 2 u
I'm going 2 enjoy ryd'n this machine 4 some time.
I've crushed a few Mustangs & Mopar products 2 th point of what th fu¢k were they thinking
th point of this post
immediately once i took possession of this machine i found th 40 flat landings on these beautiful stock wheels of witch i covered with DOT reflective tape.
part of this machines lyt defence
looks like TRON times 10 in th intersections headlights absolutely awesome
i will post some pictures if ur interested in what im writing here .. otherwise

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Pulled in2 th fuel pump 2day
crossing in front of another
ryd'er .. he pulled around 2 c
my wheels didn't hav lyts
it was just th reflectors
on th wheels said it
was "bad a$$" nice
x act ly what i
was aiming 4
2b seen
lyt defence
perimeter engagement


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this is my thread
a 2 wheel vent area
if u will .. meow
such an XL-ENT
commute 2day
oh by th way
just how many
feed lots ripe
w/ aroma
& large
well feed
flys do
u pass on ur way 2 work ?


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no one experienced
passing feed lots ripe
w/ flies .. lucky me depending
th route @ least 6 or more
blessed i am 4 sure
"bugslide" hav u tried it ?
it's an application u apply
b4 u hit th bug not
necessarily after
works admirably
well .. not a commercial
endorsement even if it reads
like it might b one :/
going 2 ç my brother
Sunday discovered he's been
reading our text messages
physically called me
"says he's been in a motorcycle accident"
yep "& th police say he knows he was going 2 b in an accident by th evasive skid-marks he left" really :)
i secured him th single in th
universe best attorney he could hav
honestly i went through bsa wood badge training w/ Tom & my brother has nothing 2 worry about his representation
meow meow super small ball we live on
it's been an absolute pleasure ryd'n +1k miles on my cAfE sCrAmBlE rAcEr JoHn PlAyEr SpEcIaL already
feel free 2 share ANY ryd'n experiences
uv experienced recently like 2day specifically jk mk
#rydsafe u sCrAmBlIsTe'S
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