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I would like to remove the rear fender on my Icon for a cleaner look. But I wonder what parts, if any, I will need. Anyone who knows about this?

I consider two options:

1. Keeping the stock license plate mount/mud guard and simply removing the upper fender and the lower black plastic part. After doing that
  • is there anywhere the indicators can be mounted or will I need some kind of brackets?
  • will I need to mount a plate or something in the wheel well (any exposed parts or other reason I may need some kind of “shield”)

2. Getting rid of the stock license plate holder and removing rear fender/black part under it. I will then need a tail tidy.
- anyone knows of a tail tidy that can be installed without the rear fender (and not leave a large gap between the seat and license plate)?Is should not be the type where the license plate is mounted in the wheel well (not legal). It has to sit behind the seat. Mugello makes on, but are there others?

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