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Replacement parts query

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Other than Ducati Stealerships has anybody got any UK links to sites that can provide spare parts for the Scrambler - I had a minor off and am in need of a new clutch lever, bar end and gear selector lever with rubber.

Other that that she remains intact and beautiful after a 2500mile first ride out into Northern Spain #awesome
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I just ring the dealer and see if they have the bits in stock or possible delivery date from Ducati. Expect those three bits are interchangeable with other models and could be with you next day.

Personally I would get an adjustable clutch leaver but it's just my way.
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In the Google box:

ducati parts online uk

Pulled up a bunch of hits, but they may all charge stealership prices. Sorry to hear about the get off, but glad you and the bike bounced well.

Yeah - thanks I reckon its all in only about £80 UK so not bad really so will just go ahead and order - could have been a lot worse.
Need to restore its beauty :)
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