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Hi, I am working on replacing the headlight with a LED unit. However the voltage on the connector seems to be very strange. Anyone has some insights please?

The connector has 4 pins, marked 1 - 4. When I measure the voltage it seems that:

3 - +12V (with motor off and on)
2 - +3.3V (with motor off and on)
1 - +3.3V (with motor off and on)

What is strange is that even when I turn on the high beam switch the voltage does not change! I tried with engine ON and OFF, still the same. There is a section in the manual that talks about the power saving function, but that should be out when the engine is running.

I thought we have just a regular 12V bulb, not electronics, but since I can't get additional 12V with high beam on it does not seem that way?

Anyone knows what is going on please? How did you connect your LEDs?
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