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Hey all,

I have a 2015 Icon with stock bars.

I got the Rizoma Bar end Turn Signals w/ adapter for the Reverse Retro Mirrors. Looking through the boxes, it seems like a the junction is missing for the turn signals. There are resistors, however, The ends of the wires for the turn signals are nothing but snipped wires. This would require splicing which really seems like the wrong way to go about a somewhat serious connection. Also the wires don't seem quite long enough either. If I spliced the wires to the the existing turn signal wire, it might be long enough. But again that seems wrong because the whole system is CAN Bus and I wouldn't want to corrupt the system.

I purchased all the stuff from Revzilla, and got the supposed necessary parts. However, after further research I found that there is a Turn Signal Cable Kit. But it says it is not specified for a Ducati Scrambler Icon. But when I look at Rizoma, they do say I should have this specific cable. (I have posted an image of all the parts below.

Just want to get some peoples opinions, or advice from anyone that has installed these. It is not super important if you also did the mirrors.



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