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i was riding last night and decided to hop on the sidewalk so i can ride off and get a little bit of air. well, i ended up hitting another curb i wasn't expecting and hit the front pretty hard. i thought i messed up my oil filter again. i got off the bike to check if i did any damage and didn't see none. it's dark, so i keep riding with some friends.

maybe about 30 miles later once i'm home i decide to inspect it again and noticed i slightly bent the rim. i rode it home up to speeds of 80 mph on the highway without noticing a thing.

so questions for you more experienced riders...

1) okay to ride still or wait until i get it fixed?
2) can this be repaired or will i need a new front wheel?

there is always a bright side to things in my opinion....so a few lessons learned :

1) scramblers aren't real off-road hooligan bikes
2 ) i will learn how to remove the front wheel of a motorcycle
3) it costs money to do stupid things. haha.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts