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RPM's, MPH & Gears

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Getting use the Scrambler engine as I'm new to this type of engine. What gear do you typically use to cruise at a particular speed. As in if you are going in a 30mph zone what gear would you be in (3rd?) and a 40mph zone etc.?

Reason for asking is that the engine seems to like higher revs and I'm wary of lugging it. Is the bike happy to cruise along at 30mph in say 4th gear, or do you try and keep at 4k rpm's if cruising at a low-speed limit. Hope that makes sense... :|
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I hate to lug an engine. This bike seems very happy to run up in the revs, and you have instant power on tap should you need it.

Thx Sarah - At what RPM do you regard as lugging? I'm finding that around town when taking corners at junction etc I'm using 1st as 2nd still feels lumpy at around 2k rpm? Do you find this?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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