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Rubbing noise - Front

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I've done 500km on the bike and I keep hearing from the front wheel, motor I really don't know exactly, sort of a rubbing noise (plastic, rotor, pads, ... I don't think it's metal) When I put the throttle on, down shift, pull the clutch and roll still hearing it. At low speed (30km/h and lower) I can't hear it. It's kind of a tssss ... Tssss... Tssss.... Tssss... noise (like a sandpaper) if you know what I mean.

Anyone of you notice this?

Thank you
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Most likely pads on rotor. Get a front headstem stand to get the front wheel off the ground, then check for freeplay, binding, warped rotors etc
It's newness ;)
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Thanks for the reply, still doing it but pretty sure it is the brake
I'll let the dealer look at it at the first service
That "Tssss... Tssss... Tssss"... made me laugh, sounds just exactly like brake pads rubbing. Please let us know how it goes at the dealership.

Apointment on tuesday.

Thank you
It's probably the brake pads. My Kawasaki makes a buzzing sound at low speed because I put EBC brake pads on it. The material, as it wears forms a fringe at the edge of the pad that constantly rubs or in the case of the kawasaki hits the holes in the rotor making the buzzing.

If you're really picky about the noise you can remove the brake pads and chamfer the edges with a file, but there's really no reason. Also the noise will come back in a while after the pads wear down more.
Now, mine you can here at high speed. It's so annoying, the 803cc and oem slip on are quiet at high speed.

Noise occurs only when engine is warm up
i had a sound similar to this that was starting to really annoy me. I could only hear that sound at low speed and seemed to be coming from the front

I took the bike in for the first service and HOPED it would go away. It didnt. I brought the bike back a few days later.

The mechanic told me he had seen 2 other bikes with the termi slip on that had this exact sound and he had to remove it and put it back on (now i have a few solder spot under the bike, which i really dont mind) and the sound is completely gone.

I live in a foreign country where my language skills are pretty limited when it comes to technical words so im not 100% sure what was the cause. They didnt charge me for the fix and it had to leave the bike in for a day.

The sound is now completely gone, it roars like a lion and i love this bike again!
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