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Ruining that classic look, and oh so comfortable...

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...with proper locking saddlebags and a good windscreen. :)

Land vehicle Motorcycle Vehicle Car Mode of transport

Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Car Mode of transport

Still needed - better seat, better shock. I slapped a gel pad on it for the last two roadtrips, which was better than stock, but still not great.
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What mounts did you use for those bags? They look good on the bike!
I still think the OEM rear bags look the best. Tempted by the Urban Enduro ones myself.
They're some PL mounts for a KLX that I picked up for cheap. A friend of mine helped fabricate mounting.

They're definitely not the prettiest, but I can lock things in them, and that's a must for me for trips. :)
I have a similar set up.. Red Icon with same Givi E21N side cases. But I used the Givi Universal SB2000 mounting brackets and the help of a good machine shop to customize the bending and shaping of the brackets. The end result is something I truly love and prefer over a rear rack and top box set up.

Some people may think it destroys the image of the Scrambler.. Making it look more like a police motorcycle.. But I laugh when I get to ride my motorcycle everyday hauling everything I need securely. I tested my set up up to 160 km/h amazingly stable. Then on fire roads and many speed bumps flawlessly. I even believe it has sorted my rear suspension better off with the added weight and set to the softest setting. (But I will still get an Ohlins in 2016.)

I was able to mount my side cases so that the total width of the cases are still less than 2cm of my Renthal Ultra Low Street Handlebar. So problems with filtering through traffic is not greatly compromised.

Note: I had to purchase a custom slip on exhaust because the exit air was pointing directly at my case. I didn't want to risk melting the plastic case. (But I knew I wanted to upgrade my exhaust regardless.)
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Making it look more like a police motorcycle..
Ha! Making it look like a plice motorcycle makes it look like a police motorcycle:

I like these bags on the bike, adds to the classic look in my opinion. Hat's off to Roadstergal and Xtyling.

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