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SC Project Conic and swingarm

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Just fitted a SC Project Conic. It is very close to the swingarm. Anybody had any problems with it hitting the swingarm?
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I have the SC Project CR-T can and as you've found with your conic can it is very close to the swing arm. However they are very rigidly mounted and I have never had any interference issues at all and I wouldn't expect you to either.
I have seen one with the bracket turned round, but it didn't look right. I'm sure I have fitted it correctly, but it is close.
It is close but nothing touches. Had mine on since sept 2015.

I'm a bit slow and things always take me a while. So I had a little think. Looked at pictures on the internet. I saw that a few people had turned the bracket round. So it wasn't just me that thought it very close. Then I realised what I should try. Twist the curved link pipe round. I had lined up the spring on the header and link pipe, but if I didn't bother about lining it up and twisted the link pipe so the can pointed a bit more out, it all fits nicely. Also, if you turn the bracket round, you may have the problem of rubbing your boot on the exhaust. Hope this is of help to someone else.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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