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Hi guys,

here I have some parts from Scrambler 1100 for sale, if anyone wants to grab a deal:

1) set of original alloy wheels - done 500 miles before I swapped them for wire-spoked wheels. Top-notch condition. They are from my 2021 PRO SPORT model.
Price: €495 + €15-20 shipping within Europe

2) handlebars RIZOMA, model MA006. This is the low model from the 4 or so they do. New, never used - purchased this for my previous 1100 scrambler, but sold it before I fitted the handlebar.
Price: €80 including shipping within Europe

3) aftermarket handlebar-end mirrors. Purchased on Ebay from UK supplier, they seem really decent quality. CNC alloy. Never used and new - same case as above with the RIZOMA handlebars. One mirror has tiny dent, probably 0,5mm wide. Hard to spot with naked eye, but it´s there. I paid originally some €80
Here´s link to ebay.
Price: €55 including shipping within Europe

Payment via PayPal or BACS.

Thanks for watching!


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