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I think there is an obvious comparison with Triumph Scrambler but the Duc is really nicer in that it is 100 lbs lighter with 25 extra HP. I think the traditional Harleys don't compare in that they are bigger bke with bigger engines and lots of low end torque (mine redlined a little over 4g rpm and weighed aprox 700 pounds), but Harleys have a unique and loyal following with a lot of dealer events and runs and general comradery. I really think they are almost a separate group that all other bikes. Having said that, I got rid of my Harley when I got my scrambler because it gave me a comfortable upright sitting position and was a hell of a lot easier to maneuver and even to get out of my shed.
BTW: I am 61 and am not sure what the target market is for the scrambler. It is light and nimble enough for a beginner but appeals to a wide range of people.

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