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Welcome to the forum Paul, :)
Thats a lot of questions , I'll do my best to answer some of them :rolleyes:

1, I've found it to be excellent
2, 1000k, 12000k, then 12000k intervals, I had the first service foc, Not sure of cost for 12000k ,
3, The standard tyres are quite amazing IMHO, There is enough room to fit a larger diameter front
4, Around 130 miles, ;)
5, No not really, but given time i'm sure someone will come up with something,
6, Non that I can think of,
7, Thats a question Ogre could answer for you :)
8, Maybe Albie could help you out with that :)
9, I haven't tried the heated vest but I feel certain it would cope on the open road,
10, Brilliant, and yes you do, I've done my boots but not the pegs :D
11, I've only been up to 100 mph a couple of times,
12, :D Just go and get a test ride, I'd like bet you'll buy one :rolleyes:

Hope this helps, G ,
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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