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I have been down that road before , the DR is a great 50/50 I guess ( well at least as close as any bike will get ) does both road and off well ( more off ) but not both very well, but no bike will , I wont more road than dirt ( but a
A bike not to heavy or to high ( as im short ) big advantage bikes are overrated in my option, as a wise motorcycle adventurer once said NO ONE EVER COMPLAINED ABOUT SMALLER AND LIGHTER JUST BIGGER AND HEAVYER !
Agree. I went from a Tiger 800XC to the DR650, now with 17" wheels and I enjoy it on road, never taken it off road! The XC was too big for my urban back roads commute (lots of roundabouts). The DR on road wheels and tyres is a fun commuter and different from the usual Jap twins. And cheap! Half the price of the Scrambler UE.
Am getting a Scrambler any day now (waiting, waiting) as it seems the perfect road bike for me.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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