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Scrambler Carries Ducati to Record Sales in 2015

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Photo cred: Robbie67

Ducati has released sales figures for the 2015 sales year and the Scrambler absolutely stole the show in 2015. Ducati reported a 22% mid-year sales increase and was on track for a record-breaking year. Claudio Domenicali, the CEO, attributed the growth to the Corse racing division and "teamwork," but I think that the unit sales tells the actual truth of the year...

Ducati was able to move 16,000 Scramblers last year. The model with the second most sales was the DVT equipped Multistrata 1200 coming in at 8,000. You read that correctly. Ducati sold literally twice as many Scramblers as their second leading seller. I think that the market was ready for an affordable, every-man's Ducati.

Third place was the Monster 821 with 6,500 units. Again, that is just shy of 3 to 1 sales. Bananas.

Who bought the most Ducati's around the world? Well, the rankings are as follows:
  1. USA
  2. Italy
  3. Germany
  4. France
  5. UK
Good work ladies and gents! Good work indeed!
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Wow, I wouldn't have guessed that the USA would have led sales. Cool to see how well the Scrambler did verses the other bikes that Ducati sells.
That's not the part that surprises me....it's the part where the Scrambler sold 2:1 over the Multi! AND that both sold more than any of the sportbikes that made Ducati!
Certainly amazing figures, I wonder what 2016 will bring for them, I would have thought it would tail off, but will it ? and could the 400 Scrambler be another success story in 2016,
I will help Spain this year. Wonder how many are sold here.
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