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Given the price I'm not surprised to see such a big uptake for the Icon but I am surprised to see such a low demand for the Classic.
If I am honest it was the brown seat. Not the biggest thing too change but I wondered where that colour styling came from.. It seems to me that they are pretty much similar value bikes across the board but some models may subsidise others slightly. They will obviously sell more of the cheaper branded Icons and technically the wheels should be cheaper and the plastic fenders too. The Full throttle really has no fenders at all lol and those termis aint the real thing being muted and the only thing nice about them is the twin outlets which look cool. The seat prices across the range are exactly the same at £212.46. The urban has extras like the headlight guard and sump crash plate and a value of around £250 and a bar brace.
I look at it this way...
I buy the Icon in 62 Yellow. £1000 cheaper for a standard bike. I can then customise it to suit. Classic mudguards, spoke rims if I dare to spend £850. It was also the colour I really wanted. As much as I like Sunshine Orange it doesnt strike me as the Classic colour. It was really Yellow to me. I look at mine as a blank canvas much like my previous Monster 1100s which you could and I did change its clothes quite often. Thats why I believe having a Scrambler in my life will be much more satisfying than getting the new Monster 821. Basic price difference of £2000 more and then I would spend at least £3000 changing stuff that was put on it for health and safety in plastic and goverment emissions control. I will spend as much as I fancy on the Scrambler to make it appeal to me all the time like the Monster. 2-3 seats, 2-3 tank side panels, tank stripes and maybe a spare tank. It will be the detail that wont change like aluminium parts which seem to be expensive at first.
Personally this bike is a finger in the sky to to those who want back to basics taken away from us I feel and maybe thats why I feel attached to it. I love technology but maybe its my age and I feel too much technology loses its soul. Its like having a horse with a nose bag full of drugs to make him run faster on the move and sticking stabilisers on his legs and rubber treads on his hoofs. Now that would be wrong right.
I dont care if a 20 year old buys them or not. They may not get it anyhow. I believe if you want good old fashioned motorcycling this is something you MAY like. I have friends who disrespect it. I have even lost a few because I felt it insulting to Ducati. I want a fun motorbike thats modern and still in touch with the rider.
Sorry if its a bit DEEP and they are purely my own sentiments and could be wrong.
But I just love this SCRAMBLER bike.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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