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Scrambler Nitron rear shock

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Even on my first brief test on the demo Scrambler I felt the suspension was a bit too hard for my liking. When I took delivery and longer runs only confirmed my first impression.
So I ended up taking my bike to Nitron in the UK so they could do a full evaluation of the suspension, mine was the first Scrambler they had been able to get into the workshop and
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I could only leave the bike with them for a couple of days so they did the rear shock as I felt that was the main problem for me.
The guy that built the shock, Scott Maskell, agreed but after a test ride said he felt the forks were also too hard on the damping particularly the high speed damping, however he also agreed the rear shock was hard on the spring and damping.

As standard the spring is a progressive rate spring, and I think what was happening for me was the softer part of the spring was quickly compressed by my weight (90 kgs) and then the harder part of the spring is simply too hard.
The shock that Nitron built has a linear rate spring which is selected for my weight and the damping is adjusted to suit the spring rate. I have the R1 shock which has pre-load adjustment and 1 damping adjustment which adjust's both compression and re-bound at a pre-set ratio. They also do shocks which have separate compression and re-bound adjustment and also adjustable high and low speed compression.
To be honest I don't think I will be adjusting anything, I went for a 75km spin yesterday on a good variety of roads and it feels absolutely great, big thank you to Nitron and Scott, you've done a brilliant job.
I think I'll put up with the forks till after the summer but the rear shock was well worth doing IMO.

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So, when are we going to hear some more reviews of how these shocks ride? Lol, waiting impatiently here... :D
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I inquired to Nitron earlier this afternoon about the R1 vs R2 suspension for my use, plus asked whether they do kits yet for the front. One of the things I want to do is raise the bike maybe half an inch, give it a wee bit more ground clearance, and hopefully Nitron (and/or whoever I also have do the front) can accommodate this. The stock suspension really saps a lot of fun from this bike, and I'm hoping to fix this so I can really enjoy the bike again.

That, and a new seat. Because, damn. :angry3:
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