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Scrambler Range & Fuel Mileage

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Hey ladies and gents that already have their bikes, what kind of range and mileage are you getting out of those tanks?

I know that my Scout has seen some of the models have fuel pickup issues and running out of fuel before the fuel light came on.
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ive been getting 110 milles before the fuel light comes on
Wow! I was hoping for better range per tank, like 150-160. It looks like I will be packing fuel most of the time on our long rides.
110 with the light on wouldn't that bank you 150 on reserve? Do these have a reserve is that a dumb question?
There is a reserve, but I don't know what the volume left is when the light comes on. I also wouldn't advise always running it down to the wee bit let in the tank before each fill up. It could lead to premature FI pump problems.
1 - 2 of 59 Posts
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