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Scrambler Range & Fuel Mileage

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Hey ladies and gents that already have their bikes, what kind of range and mileage are you getting out of those tanks?

I know that my Scout has seen some of the models have fuel pickup issues and running out of fuel before the fuel light came on.
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I've just had a look at what i spent on fuel for my trip to Scotland last weekend.

I spent £125.05 there and back, over 1242 miles ridden. So by quick calculation I got 53.21 miles per (UK) gallon :)

I'm happy with that given how it was ridden ;)
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1200 miles on the bike. 37mpg (US) while riding in heavy traffic. 46mpg when a combination of freeway and canyons. Really wish the city riding didn't bog down the mileage quite that much.
My Classic gets 50 mpg combined on the 93 octane (10% Ethanol) gas.
98 octane, and getting between 4.5 and 5 litres to the 100 km's.
Pretty happy with that.
im using 95 and getting between 250 and 300 kms from full tank in australia
I didn't wait for the fuel light to come on and refueled with 111 miles on my UE. Put in 2.2 gallons, so I am getting a little over 50 MPG. Next time I will wait for the fuel light to see if it works!
Hey ladies and gents that already have their bikes, what kind of range and mileage are you getting out of those tanks?

I know that my Scout has seen some of the models have fuel pickup issues and running out of fuel before the fuel light came on.
Was just working this out today after a month and 1500 miles, no long journeys but a fair amount of town and country lanes, I'm getting a fairly consistent 120 miles before the light comes on. About £1 per 10 miles(ish).... better than my transit:chuncky:. In fact better than any vehicle I've had before. Except for my old Peugeot Ludix Blaster Scooter, which was hilarious fun too (Bought new in '06 and rode to death around London for 6 years. circa 80mpg).
I managed 127 on my 2nd tank and 130 miles on my last tank before the light comes on. Cost me £11.60 to fill it back to the brim (just over 10litres).
With the torquey motor it works well to short shift: change up a gear at lower revs. Gentle cruising on my wifes FT has seen about 4 litres per 100km or 70mpg (Imp). That would mean a range of around 325km or just over 200 miles. The reality for us riding gently is that we hit reserve at about 220km to 240km or 135-150 miles.
Last week I was allowed to take it on a 1700km tour with my cruiser buddies (my Hypermotard is not a good fit with that ride group). We were not going slow and one of the days saw us struggle in 130kph cross winds and rain. At times I'd pull the pin and employ the good handling of the FT to gap the boys. However, even riding with spirit, I changed up early and used the torque. Mileage dropped but it was still pretty good and hit reserve at about 205km
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Had a good long ride recently and the fuel light came on at 227kms. Then went out and came on again later. All told I filled up at 262kms with the "low fuel odometer" reading 20kms. Filled it up and it took 10.82 l so there was plenty of riding left. At 24km/l I may have got to 300kms. Has anyone actually managed 300kms (186 miles) out of a tank yet?

The ride was mostly open road with some twisties but limited traffic. I use 98 ron. I kept the revs low given the low kms on the bike. Can't wait for the first service to open it up some more. But then the economy will suffer.
With a race tune FT, and Termi race exhaust, i'm getting about 90miles from full to when the reserve light comes on. That being said, i am very throttle happy, as i love hearing the growl of the exhaust when its pinned ! So that's probably not helping on mileage. :eagerness:
I seem to get right at 50 mpg.

I average 5 smiles per mile.
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Light comes on 80-90 miles, 87 miles today. :(
Would think dropped ~15lb would help, maybe when i get it tuned up hopefully it will get better.
Drove 60 miles each way to first service today total of 120 and light didn't come on. Filled up last night before taking off this morning.

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I'm getting about 52 mpg (US). I have a 16T front sprocket and Booster Plug installed.
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Low fuel light came on today at just over 200kms. Filled up and got 21km/l. Less than I have been getting but there was more round town mileage in this tank. I want to keep track as I plan to get a booster plug soon and want to see what difference that makes to the fuel economy.
I'm in Aus to and that's about the point my fuel light come on. I'm mostly urban riding at the moment and I reckon on a long open run I'd get more.
Wow! I was hoping for better range per tank, like 150-160. It looks like I will be packing fuel most of the time on our long rides.
There is a reserve that automatically kicks in when the fuel light comes on. The range on the Sixty2 is typically 150-175 miles depending on how you ride it. If you're not constantly revving it at high RPMs, you should be able to get around 50 MPG.
I ran out of gas at 168 miles, most highway miles. My light comes on around 120.
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