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" Scrambler ride "

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Hay I was wondering if Victorian and Southern NSW riders would like to organise a ride ! ( when the weather improves ) don't rub it in North Queensland riders ! Ok I'm thinking an overnighter in Mansfield from following directions :
South : Melbourne riders could ride up through kinglake , Healsville Yea etc to Mansfield " fantastic riding , or freeway if you wont to be board.
East: cut across through Omeo ,Bright Whitfield -Mansfield
West : Take your pick
North : I will be heading from Wodonga through Beechworth Whitfield -Mansfield. ( other Northern or southern NSW riders could hock up with me if they liked !

It would be a great chance to check each others bikes, talk about mods we have done any known problems that may be helpful to share around and maybe even put a story in one of the bike mags ! we could even make it an annual " Scrambler ride "

So what do you think say late October 16 ?
anyway if there is the interest I will organise the accommodation details etc , if I get a good response we could make this a great event
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Keep us posted. I am in the Qld/NSW border vicinity and would be keen for a meetup.

Oh and Gil, I'll be back in touch soon. School holidays has made it difficult to get out and about for the past three weeks.
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