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Scrambler Riding Game

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I noticed the forum has a The "Pictures of Your Scrambler Somewhere" Thread and thought we could make it a game. I've played this on other moto forums, and it's pretty fun.

Here's how it works:
1. A destination challenge is created and the first person to post a photo of their bike at the destination gets to choose the next destination challenge.
2. You can be as broad or as specific as you'd like.
3. If the current challenge hasn't been in met in a week, a new challenge can be chosen by the same person.
4. Photos must be taken after the challenge has been given... (though we might not be able to tell, so that's all up to the honor system).
5. If you're the one who has chosen the challenge, you cannot complete it.

So... let's get this going!

First Challenge: Your bike at a gas station.
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hasn't been enough rain here lately for mud. . .now.. covered in dust? that's another matter entirely.
I may be a sick-o but I personally found the "picture with a homeless person" to be hilarious.. . I wasn't going to personally do it, , but I definitely laughed. . Ok maybe I'd do it but I'd give them ten bucks or something for having done it.
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I have had my eyes open but nothing that struck me as funny.. . now that could have to do with my sense of humor being blacker than an ink well.. but.. who knows.
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