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2015 Scrambler Urban Enduro up for reluctant sale.
I used to see that in MCN all the time but as its about 36 days until I get made redundant I now know what they mean. :apologetic:

Standard factory bike - no mods, no extras - as it rolled out.
3000 miles through country lanes, towns & villages.
Now due 2nd service.
Garaged every night.
Ridden 3 times a week, every week, rain or shine - no issues to date, starts first time every time.
Needs side-stand recall sorting out - free at Ducati dealer.
Green in colour, very subtle, very understated and liable to surprise sporty power ranger types with the roll of a wrist.

Probably due tyres in a 1000 miles or so.
I have owned this bike from new .

Price now set at £5600 or best offer.
Also advertised elsewhere.

If you're interested get in touch here, pm or reply.

Bought from a Ducati dealer, Ducati first service, stamped log book, spare key, tool kit all present.
Bike based in Suffolk / Essex border UK..

This is probably the most fun bike I have had since my LC, and that says a lot.
Everyone checks it out when its parked.
Everyone checks it out when its cruising in town - its just so unique.

Anyway, thanks for reading
A very depressed Mantis.

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Can't judge your situation of course, but for me riding a bike was what kept me from going insane when I went through a divorce years ago.

She could take everything (she didn't btw), but not my bike.

Good luck mate!
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