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Scrambler viewing in California???

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Does anyone have the schedule on when and where the scramblers will be in California? I know Del Amo will have them on 1/15 and Berts has them on 1/13. What is the full schedule? It seems silly not to has this blasted everywhere.
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Okay I have pieced this together. The bikes and accessories are traveling around Southern California Ducati dealers for customer viewing on these dates.

Bert's Mega Mall 1/13
Del Amo Motorsports 1/15
Beverley Hills Ducati 1/16 4-8 pm
Westlake Ducati 1/18

Not sure about 1/14 and 1/17 they will be at dealers somewhere.
Go to ducatiusa.com and click on the preview tour link. It has the whole schedule.
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