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" Scrambling your own way "

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Scrambling your own way is the way to go for your own individual ideas you may love to deck your Scrambler to a road based machine, or with engine mods a pocket rocket ! I prefer the roads less traveled and have now got my Urban Enduro to be quite capable of tackling all but deep river crossing ! I'm planning around Australia trip next year on my UE and have been doing some considerable testing of late yesterday it was to test my extra fuel and water capacity modification eg mounted 5LT fuel ( giving me 18.5LT ) and 3LT water.
So myself and a mate went on a 300km round trip yesterday leaving around 930 he was riding his Suzuki DRZ400 with Safari 18lt tank our first leg was about 30kms from my Home town in Victoria Australia of mainly back sealed roads, within 5kms I had taken out a crow that thinking he was a Japanese zero it hit my Dart screen which is very solid and unfortunately killed the bird , the new IKON Suspension both front and rear has been performing brilliantly and compliments my very comfortable modified seat ,we then hit a main dirt road which was in good repair and I was then passed by the DRZ , My EU does work fantastic on dirt now with the modified Suspension and I cannot rate the K60 Scout tires highly enough the traction on dirt is unbelievable but obviously not ( quite as good as a full knobby ) which was on the DRZ and also tacking into consideration that DRZ has over 200mm of travel were the Scrambler has only 150 and on a decent pothole you feel that ( regardless of how good your Suspension is 150mm of travel is just that ) So I was standing up on the SMMOTO Pegs ( wider like a dirt bike peg ) to look out ahead for hard hits to avoid, we than turned of to another back dirt road With cattle grids ( and cattle all over the place ) but still a nice senic ride with a creek and rolling hills our next challenge was through a state forest a track that was quite muddy and rutted in sections but still the EU handled it fantastically, obviously I could not attack it at speed like my mate on his DRZ ( he was having a blast ) I actually own one as well and sections like that I was wishing I had mine as well , but still was enjoying the Scrambler nevertheless I do love the fact that not being overly tall being able the put both feet on the ground does come in handy on some muddy sections , from there we hit sealed road again and contoured a lake for about 10kms of twisties were the K60,s still work well but you do get road noise around 80 kph so keep tbat mind if you are considering the K60,s ( This is were I left the DRZ in my review mirrors ) I waited for him at our next turn were we took a ferry across the lake then a 55km of mainly wide open dirt road, the surface was quite loss with lots of graval in sections and I also left the DRZ behind for the first half as I was doing around 100kph on this section and did at one point had it up to 127kph.
On this dirt road my mate almost got cleaned up by a cow that ran out in front of him I stopped and waited for him to catch up then I was pushing to catch him but a lot of corners and his knobbys had that little extra grip but I was no more than around 100m behind him we stopped at the end of the road, I actually was probably going to fast as I did have a few hard hits ( thats what happens when you get passed and try to keep up ) anyway we were on the black top again for around 5kms until we stopped for lunch at a little town that makes the best carmal lattes and home made soup. After some talk about how well the Scrambler performed we were half way in the trip 150kms down and 150 to go of more dirt , twisties and losing a foot peg ! stayed turned for the return trip !
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Nice post love reading stories where the UE is put through the paces off road, not got enoug experience off road to give it a go myself. What did you have done to the seat? notice its not the standard brown one.
My seat was done by my local upholstery guy ( if you have a place somewhere near you that does car seats etc they would of done a bike seat before ) way better than spending heaps of money on a cobin , Segent or comfort seat as NONE of them will suit you perfectly as we are all built differently ! They will be abit better but thats not difficult as stock seat is made of concrete ! getting it done local they can tailor it to suit you just don't get the cover put back on until you are happy with the final product - in other words take it for a good long test ride and get any adjustments you need done prior to fitting of cover and more than likely will cost you half as much as the cobins etc and be WAY more comfortable.
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