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Juicebox What is the trick to removing the left side panel? Did you have to remove the rear shock? I was thinking I would just need to remove the 3 screws holding it and pull it out, but the rear shock is in the way.
I've had to become intimately familiar with removing and replacing that side panel...

- Remove the three screws.
- Lift the locating peg at the lower left out of its grommet on the frame by lifting the panel towards the outside of the bike. (You can't see this, you have to feel around the backside of the panel for it.)
- Move the panel down the suspension unit and bend gently until it clears the under-seat panel. It then lifts out.

Installation is the reverse... Be sure not to push the grommet through its hole in the frame.
It's kind of a fussy job but ultimately not particularly difficult. :D
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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