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Have just ordered a "MUSTANG ONE PIECE RETRO SEAT- 75027" from an authorized Mustang factory dist./Paid $301.49 w free shipping. That's the black one w the roll & plead ed top. Most of our forum owners gave this 'exact fit' Mustang seat good reviews w the exception of "sometimes difficult installations"; meaning difficult line up of the seat pin to the latch on rear fender. Fast 5 day delivery,,,,,Having my dealer swap it for the crummy stock seat ,,,,,in case the installation IS in fact super difficult to impossible, I have a back up plan, should I need to return the Mustang seat for a full refund if it simply won't fit; found two different duc OEM supposedly 'exact fit' seats for my 2016 duc scrambler icon, as follows:
-"DUCATI PREMIUM SEAT 1604" ;Pt # 96880771A MSRP: $330.60
Found these on: store.ducatiusa.com There was ONE MORE: "COMFORT SEAT 1402"/this one didn't look comfortable in pic, MSRP: $322.80,,,,,,no item description given for the "PREMIUM 1604" or the "COMFORT SEAT 1402" ???? what's up w ducati not bothering to add even a brief description??????
Already looked at all the 'exact fit' Corbin; Sargent stock seats, even custom Seat Concepts; nice but all way too expensive for me plus crazy long 4-6 wk lead times,,,,so NOT interested in these; not for me,,,,,,So here's WHAT I want to know; Has anyone on our forum ever bought and tried ANY of the 3 Ducati OEM seats I've listed herein, and if so, which, if any did you find were vast improvements regarding a COMFORTABLE RIDING EXPERIENCE as compared to the STOCK on my 2016 Ducati Scrambler Icon? BTW, I'm strictly a street/road rider city/suburbs commuter type......already got rid of the stock grips, and in process of changing the rider pegs to either duc OEM multistrada 1200 ones w rubber inserts, or, going w a strange, made in germany; "SW-MOTECH ION DUEL POSITION FT PEG KIT FOR DUCATI SCRAMBLER"/USD$ 115.90; pt #: FSR.22.011.10001.S, or; the SW-MO-TECH "DUCATI EVO FOOTREST KIT"/USD $168.95/pt#: FRS.22.112.10001,,,,this kit allow a 360 degree adj; fwd, back/stock ht/lower ht, which avoids possible need to adj. the shift lever, as w the mulistrada OEM pegs,,,,,while the cheaper MO-TECH kit only adj. as follows ; stock ht. to 25mm lower,,,,,,The main source for either MO-TECH peg kit, both includes rubber inserts, is: SW-MOTECH.US Would welcome any feedback from duc scrambler owners w experience w ANY of the items I mentioned; replacement seats and rider footpegs,,,,,thank,



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