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Seems the other models are now in the US!

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Got a call today for my Full Throttle, went down and picked it up today. Love it so far! Put deposit down in March, so I consider myself lucky. Location is NH. Land vehicle Vehicle Motorcycle Motor vehicle Car
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Went to pick up my Icon... Saw an FT in the shop... Ready for delivery... Omaha, NE
Looks great, I like the full throttle model and considered it over my Icon.
Just picked up my full throttle in nh
Yahoo let the mods begin
My dealer in Austin, TX just got in a Full Throttle for someone else, but not my Urban Eduro
Yesterday I stopped by the dealer to ask about some missing hardware for my front fender. The salesman here in Seattle told me within 7 days they'd be getting an assortment of 30 scramblers. FT, Classics & UE.
That's good news about the classics. Hope to get mine in Colorado next week.
That's great news guys, Just like to say welcome to MNT, RLG,and OLDmn Great to have you with us, welcome to the forum , :cool:
Saw a few full throttles and urban enduro's at the NYC ducati dealer.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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