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Serious Off-Road thoughts.

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For those that ride off-road a lot, what are your thoughts and what mods/improvements would you consider ?

My off-road experiences go back as far as the early 70's and include both 2 and 4 stroke machines.
I don't expect the Scrambler to compare with the dedicated dirt bikes but would expect it to perform as well if not better than the earlier "Trail Bikes" of past.

That may be why I feel that a 21 inch front wheel and a little more height on the front end (say, 4 inches) would feel more comfortable, and of course an upgrade to chunkier tyres.
Bash/belly plate is a must.
Apart from that I'm pretty happy with the way the Scrambler blasts me through the rough.

Please share your thoughts.
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I've used mine on some slippery and muddy green lanes with no dramas. Sure a decent off road bike would leave it for dead amd be much easier to ride, but it didn't get stuck and was fun! As has been mentioned, the stock tyres are a big surprise, and work pretty well for a road based tyre.
However, if you did get stuck, as I have many a time on enduro bikes, it'd be a pig to pull out with the extra weight. But that's not what it's designed for, so I can live with that. Changing the front rim would give a better tyre choice, changing the rear might give you clearance issues on the swingarm, and you can get a reasonable tyre already. Ground clearance could be better, but would spoil the lovely handling on the road.
I've made my own heavy duty steel bash plate, as the stock is pants. I've also changed the footpegs, as the stock ones have the same friction qualities as an icicle when wet and muddy!
I love my Scrambler!
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I've built my own sump guard, and have SW Motech crash bars fitted. They look pretty much the same as the H&B ones, and would give good protection if the bike ends up on its side ;-)
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