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Shark DSX-10 Slip-on Exhaust

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I got a Shark DSX-10 slip-on exhaust for my Scrambler and installed it today. Quality seems good and it fit really well. Pretty easy installation.

And the sound! I remember I thought the Scrambler sounded pretty good when I first got it (compared to the Kawasaki ER-6n I had at the time) but this really takes it to the next level. Looks good too. Here's a couple of pictures.

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I wonder where they got the idea for that design?

Now that you point it out, they are a bit similar! I looked at the termi too, but I didn't really like the carbon fibre detail together with the rest of the styling of the bike.

Plus, the Shark exhaust was only about 400 EUR instead of like 1000 :)

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Did you get a remap? I want an exhaust but curious how important a remap is.
Didn't get any remap. It's supposed to be plug-and-play, and it seems the engine runs well after I installed it. Good, smooth power through the revs. I think I will stick with the stock map for a while and see if I need to remap, but right now I don't see the need.

I read somewhere that a remap can be useful to get the full potential, but sticking with the stock map won't hurt the engine.

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