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Hey guys,

I just recently placed my deposit on a Scrambler Full Throttle. I'm pretty excited for this thing, especially since I have been a Harley guy for the passed few bikes that I've owned. I want a change, and I'm pretty sure this will be a welcomed one. However, I'm fairly concerned about my size on this thing. I'm 6'1" and just shy of 200 pounds. I've sat on the actual bike at a Ducati demo, and it was feeling pretty tight. I'm not sure if that's just because I'm used to being stretched out on cruisers, or if I'm actually too large for the Scrambler. Ducati was obviously pushing me towards it even with my size. I'm hoping there will be some simple mods like higher seats, peg relocations, and suspension adjustments but I'm sure you guys will know better than me. Opinions? Thanks.
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